Easiest solution to your staffing needs

You can work with Allshifts as a partner and gain access to all the nurses who wish to work with you. No more worrying, your nurse staffing solution solved.

Let us do the recruiting

Agencies can focus on their core business model, taking care of patients in their home. Let us focus on finding the right nurse for the right job.

By all means, use our system

Agencies can utilize our system to not only recruit and find nurses, but also to organize and manage their own. Our system is designed to be efficient and easy to use to help you staff your assignments.

How it all works

Built to be efficient

When you receive a referral and now need a nurse, whether an RN case manager to open the case or LVN/LPN for follow up visits, just log into your account and start inputting your criteria. The system will do the work once you send it. No more calling around when your star nurses aren’t available or you don’t have nurses available in certain coverage areas.


Home Health Agencies are underserved. Let Allshifts serve those that take care of others. Our staffing solutions are here to help you.


Let us create a symbiotic relationship together. There are nurses out there that want short term assignments with great pay and compensation. Home Health Agencies can provide that and more. We are here to connect that relationship.


When you work with Allshifts, we connect nurses with you. We find nurses that want the same things as you. Working together has never been so easy.

Want to partner with us for our beta test?

Join us and lets change the way nursing care is delivered at home. .