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To Get Paid:

When you’re an AllShifts employee, we handle tax withholdings and cover liability insurance for you so your pay is yours to keep.

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Holiday Pay

Starts at 11pm the night before a holiday, and ends at 11pm on the day of the holiday. Holiday pay varies by location.

For example, working 7pm-7am the night of July 4th, you will only receive Holiday pay for part of that shift. Get holiday pay 7pm-11pm and regular pay 11pm-7am.


On-time attendance is critical when working for AllShifts. The facility’s residents rely on you and your care.
If you cannot make a shift for any reason, ACT IMMEDIATELY.

Need to Cancel?

Use the app to properly alert us.

Go to AllShifts

Go to My Shifts / Scheduled, tap the shift and select “Need to cancel?” Employees cannot cancel shifts via other means.

Going to be Late?

Use AllShifts Chat to tell us so we can alert the facility.

Staff Cancellation Policy

Three shifts canceled by staff will flag your account. Access to request shifts will be blocked.

Cancellation is noted per shift with the facility and on your AllShifts profile. When canceling, select a reason and attach supporting documentation.

Note: Attending other scheduled shifts is required despite an account flagged for cancellation.

Staff can contact AllShifts to seek reinstatement. For cancellations deemed legitimate, the block will be lifted. For example – Positive for COVID.

Be Advised – No Call, No Show (NCNS) is cause for immediate termination.

Submit Time

Get Paid On Time, Every Time!

Download Timesheet

Employees should print out a timesheet and bring it with you to get supervisor sign-off after each shift.

Email to after you finish working or submit through the app.

allshifts example timesheet

Set up direct deposit with a major bank to get paid within hours!

If you do not have direct deposit, paper checks will be mailed via USPS and typically arrive in 3-5 business days.

Note: Incomplete/incorrect time submissions or those submitted business days after 4pm ET weekdays and 12pm ET weekends will delay payment.

Read the checklist to get paid on time, every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

AllShifts Rewards

Earn rewards for working and bank extra cash.

Redeem Your Reward. $100 Bonus. Many Times Over.